A long time ago, back in 2007, I went to Rome for a few days. Now you can find the images of that trip in the Italy-section in Travel.


Added a few images to the Wildlife of New Zealand section in Wildlife.


Added a few images to the New Zealand section in Travel.


Images made during a recent trip to Iceland can be found in the Iceland section in Travel.


Another small update: Added a some images to the Norway section in Travel.


A small update: Added a few images to the Iceland section in Travel.


Added new pictures to the Crossfit Community Events. And added a new section in the sportscategory: Aerobatics (with images I shot at the Luchtmachtdagen 2019 @ Volkel Airbase)

05-06-2019 Added pictures

I added a few new pictures in the New Zealand album.

18-05-2019     Changed a few things

Changed the NEWS page, gave the pages a header and removed the descriptions of the pages (just didn’t like them).

08-05-2019     Descriptions

Added descriptions to all the galleries. Maybe I’ll change them into better ones in the future, maybe not…

06-05-2019     Adding more images…

Added images to the Namibia and Wildlife of Namibia sections.

14-05-2019     New images

Added new images in the Sports-section. The Crossfit images are now live…

05-05-2019     New pictures

Just added a lot of new pictures…

03-05-2019     A new look…

After not doing a lot with my website for a few years I decided it was time to update it again. So I changed the look completely. And yes… I have the cookie thing also now… Over the next weeks I will add new galleries and images.